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The caress as a relational gesture: a sweet caress that sometimes hides feelings of frustration, a bitter caress that uncovers the sincerest feelings or a playful caress which can unfold into an infinity of adventures. The harmonic equilibrium between these accords and disaccords is what human relationships are made up of.

In Cafuné, two individuals fight to grow together via a game of manipulation, caresses and disagreements; together, but never losing the essential essence of each one, maintaining their own individuality. This coexistence leads to different situations, written using choreographic, circensian and theatrical language, with a musical score which reveals the roots of each of the actors.

Production: Cia. Du'K'tO (CAT)
Coproduction: Festival Circada (AN)
Artistic direction: Pau Portabella
Choreographic accompaniment: Laia Santanach
Music design: Adrià Bauzà
Music adaptation: Marc Esteve 
Lights design: Inka García
Performers: Bàrbara Vidal, Bernat Messeguer and Marc Esteve
Area: circus and contemporary dance, multidisciplinary
Lenght: 30'' indoor / 50' outdoor
Short version: 6'
Stage: outdoor and indoor
Aimed for: all audiences
Premiere: Festival Circada (AN), 06/06/2018
Booking:  Fani Benages

IV Matx de Circ - Circàire / "First Prize of the Jury"

Ratataplan Festival / "Especial Mention of the jury"

Zirkólika Awards / "Nomination - Emerging Company Category"

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