... From dream to idea, from idea to project, from project to adventure, from adventure to In-Confort ...

Artistic direction: Carlo Massari

Coproduction: C&C Company andTaller d'Art, Cultura i Creació

Premiere: Mirabilia Festival (IT), 2/7/2017

Lenght: 50'

The research of the harmony and the balance between two people, with their corresponding desires, characteristics, motivations, concerns..., and finding common goals, are the main struggle of the individual person for establish a relationship.

Artistic direction: Pau Portabella

Coproduction: Festival Circada

Premiere: Festival Circada, Sevilla (ES), 6/6/2018

Lenght: 40', with a 6' short version 

Sometimes it’s difficult to allow yourself to be vulnerable. We all find ways to protect ourselves, and the more you realise how easily things can break, the more you become scared and feel the need to keep them from breaking.

External view: Alba Sarraute

Premiere: Circusstrad Festival (NL), 2015

Lenght: 12'

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