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... sometimes white light is transformed and gives a glimpse of its own range of colors ...

Production: Cia Du'K'tO

Artistic direction: Frana & Celso, EIA circus company

Premiere: Fira de Circ al Carrer de la Bisbal  (ES)  2021

Lenght: 60'

Lume-Rakel Cros (2).jpg

The research of the harmony and the balance between two people, with their corresponding desires, characteristics, motivations, concerns..., and finding common goals, are the main struggle of the individual person for establish a relationship.

Artistic direction: Pau Portabella

Coproduction: Festival Circada

Premiere: Festival Circada, Sevilla (ES), 6/6/2018

Lenght: 40', with a 6' short version 

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