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Catalan-Balearic company dedicates to the creation and production of circus and contemporary dance shows. Since 2015, the company develops a scenic language based in acrobatic movement and its fusion with dance, creating several shows to travel national and international.

In-Confort is a quartet show directed by the physic actor and dancer Carlo Massari and coproduced por C&C Company (IT). The company bets for the internationalization of its first production, developing the show in different European centres like Espace Catastrophe (B) and Krakowski Centrum Choreograficzne (PL). The premiere was in July 2017 at Mirabilia Festival (IT) and adapted to the indoor versions in January 2018 at L’Estruch Fàbrica de Creació de les Arts en Viu (CAT).


The second project, Cafuné, is an acrobatic duo with original live music, directed by Pau Portabella and coproduced by the Festival Circada (ES), where premiers in June 2018. The production counts with several creation supports and recognitions, and it has been presented in festivals, fairs and halls as prominent as FiraTàrrega (CAT), Teatre Principal de Palma (IB), Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg (D), Teatros UNAM (MX)…


At the end of 2019 the company begins to work with a new production: Ágora. The proposal arises like a site-specific of half duration and for all audiences, using the characteristic language of the company. The show is directed by Bernat Messeguer and its schedule for January 2022.

Through the project Circ de Nadal of Cronopis, Espai de Circ a Mataró the company creates its last production: Lume. The show is directed by Celso and Frana of the circus company EIA, and interpreted by Odilo Fernández, Rocío Belén Reyes, Bárbara Vidal and Bernat Messeguer. A proposal that integrates the acrobatics, the groupal portés, the trapeze, juggling and clown. The show is presented for first time during the 2020 Christmas holidays, with the prevision to completing the creation process in early 2021 and starts the exhibition tour this season.


The creation also involves the integration of Odilo and Rocío to the Cia. Du’K’tO, making the family grow.

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